Danmarkshistorien logodanmarkshistorien.dk is a website developed by researchers from Aarhus University. The site disseminates knowledge about the history of Denmark to the general public and to the education sector. I have published a number of articles on the site, all within the general theme of mercantilism and Danish tropical colonies. My articles here as well as the site in general are in Danish. Below you will find a list of my contributions with English translations of the titles added in brackets.

My articles on danmarkshistorien.dk

Ny Jerusalemskirken, Tranquebar

On Indo-Danish colonial history and its afterlife:

Spor af den danske koloniperiode i nutidens Trankebar [Traces of the Danish Colonial Period in Present-day Tranquebar]

Den lutherske mission i Trankebar 1705-1845 [The Lutheran Mission in Tranquebar 1705-1845]

Slavehandel i den dansk-indiske kolonihistorie [Slave Trade in the Indo-Danish Colonial History]

On the former Danish West Indies and the transatlantic slave trade:

De Dansk-Vestindiske øer efter 1917 [The Danish West Indian Islands After 1917]

Myte: Var Danmark det første land, der ophævede slaveriet?  [Myth: Was Denmark the First Country to Abolish Slavery?]